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What is IRIS State?

IRIS State is an ERP platform that manages gaming regalutory processes for state regulators.

What Can IRIS State Do?

IRIS State is an asset tracking system specifically designed for gaming assets spread across every casino in a regulatory jurisdiction. It consolidates all the regulatory information from every electronic gaming device (EGD) in your jurisdiction into a single unified view: where the EGD is located, whether the EGD is active, which components are installed, and if any installed components are revoked.

Beyond being a single system to track every EGD in your jurisdiction, IRIS is also an integration platform enabling automated and auditable exchange of gaming information between casinos and the state. Any casino which chooses to also implement IRIS can take advantage of this integration to simplify the submission and tracking of gaming data to state regulators: instead of emailing spreadsheets, IRIS talks to IRIS, ensuring your asset information is always current and accurate.

Automatically syncs with casino data

Automatically syncs with testing labs

Provides robust Auditing tools

Maintains birth-to-death tracking of assets across all properties


IRIS MFG offers a variety of services to get you positioned for success. Our services include installation, configuration, certification and customization.


The IRIS install process is performed on-site by Kobetron implementers, who work closely with your operations and IT staff to deliver the IRIS platform, importing your data and implementing your processes and controls. Initial installation of your production IRIS system and a parallel testing version of IRIS are included in your original quote. Additional installations (to provision a staging environment or to migrate IRIS to a new server infrastructure) can be performed on a time and materials basis.


After the installation, Kobetron can assist in further configuration of IRIS to meet your evolving needs. Initial configuration of IRIS to meet your needs at the time of install is included in your original quote.


Kobetron provides two IRIS certification tracks: GI Certified IRIS Technician and GI Certified IRIS Administrator. Kobetron provides on-site immersion training, using copies of your IRIS configuration and your gaming data to help your staff learn to get the most out of IRIS.


Kobetron is committed to making IRIS meet all your needs for managing your gaming floor. As part of this commitment, Kobetron provides custom software development services at far below market rates. Even if you have a need that IRIS cannot be configured to meet, we will develop custom modules to ensure that your investment in the IRIS platform can be fully leveraged.


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